Direct2Drive Launches "Free-to-Play" Storefront

IGN owned digital distribution game retailer Direct2Drive has launched the Online Games Channel, which presents customers with the option of purchasing various in-game items and services for "free-to-play" titles through discounted bundle packs. For example, Direct2Drive's version of the Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited is the "Starter Pack", which is priced at $19.95 and includes the game client, 2000 Turbine Points of in-game currently ($25 value), and three exclusive in-game items.

It sounds like a good deal, except, in D&DO's case, only available for new accounts. This means that any progress a player makes in the free portion of these free-to-play games will be scrapped if they want to save some money by purchasing Direct2Drive's bundle.

Furthermore, Direct2Drive advertises these games by claiming you can "unleash your free-to-play games", but offers no free download. It also doesn't even link to the game's website where a free version could be obtained. The service requires a purchase before any of these games, which are inherently "free-to-play", can be played.

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