Telltale Launching Experimental Pilot Program with Angry Gnome Eraser Game 'Puzzle Agent'

Following through on the cryptic teases involving angry gnomes and an eraser factory, developer Telltale Games has unveiled a new adventure game dubbed "Puzzle Agent."

The title marks the first of the company's new Telltale Pilot Program, it told IGN, which will see the studio experimenting with one-off pilots for "even weirder" games. Depending on a pilot's reception, Telltale may then opt to continue the series with the episodic model it has used for such games as Sam & Max and Monkey Island.

As for Puzzle Agent itself, the game marks a collaboration between Telltale and graphic artist Graham Annable, with players taking the role of an Agent assigned to investigate the odd happenings of Scoggins, Minnesota. Much like Level 5's Professor Layton, players will be scored based on their efficiency in solving its self-contained puzzles.

Set to premiere in June, the downloadable game is currently slated for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Wii, though it may not hit all platforms simultaneously.

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    April 30, 2010 9:48 AM

    Telltale doing a 2d adventure !! now that's interesting

    • reply
      April 30, 2010 10:00 AM

      Telltale has been doing tons of adventure games lately, I'm glad they're making some money doing it too.

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