Possible Image of Project Natal Hardware Surfaces

Italian site Multiplayer.it reportedly received pictures of Project Natal hardware along with a user guide from a tester tasked with evaluating the device's voice recognition capabilities. The photos have since been removed at Microsoft's request, but a single photo has made the rounds.

Engadget reported on some details before Multiplayer.it took everything down, noting a split cable requiring a USB connection to the Xbox 360 development kit and external power along with references to a "motorized tilt function". The guide reportedly warns against turning the Natal camera manually.

While we don't have confirmation that the information or photo are legit, it stands to reason that Microsoft will have stepped up their testing with Project Natal scheduled to be released for the Xbox 360 this fall.

Project Natal adds motion-based gameplay and control to the console. Natal, unlike motion offerings from Nintendo and Sony, requires no controller and tracks movement through its camera.

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