Super Street Fighter IV Confirmed for Japanese Arcade Release; PC Version More Likely

At the Japanese 3v3 Street Fighter IV National Championship tournament, Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono confirmed that Japan will be getting an arcade release of Super Street Fighter IV, which was spotted by SF fan site Shadowloo.

Capcom's Super Street Fighter IV PR Manager Wes Phillips released the following statement to Shacknews:

All that we can confirm is that Super Street Fighter IV is coming to arcades in Japan. More details will be revealed soon.

This, of course, increases the possibility of a PC release for Super. The hardware inside the arcade cabinet is the Windows XP-based Taito X2 system. Once an arcade version is ready, the work to release a functioning PC port is relatively simple.

I spoke with Ono at GDC 2010 and we talked about the possibility of an arcade version. Ono expertly dodged my question about an arcade release, saying:

For me personally, Street Fighter is an arcade game. It always has been. I'd love to do an arcade version, but the company is focusing more on console games right now, so [an arcade version of Super] didn't really pan out. That said, if there are people out there that want to see an arcade version, by all means, be vocal about it and let us know.

The arcade cabinet might not be ready for the game's console release on April 27, though. Southern California's own Arcade Infinity is expecting cabinets to become available in Japan come July or August.

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    April 5, 2010 1:47 PM

    Hope there's a PC version. I like playing on a monitor at my desk and having it on steam makes it much easier to play a few games by removing the need for disk swapping.

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