Pokemon HeartGold / SoulSilver Get DLC

Owners of Pokemon HeartGold (DS) and SoulSilver (DS) can now obtain a new route for their Pokewalker--the pedometer accessory bundled with both games that lets players level up their monsters by walking--thanks to the magic of downloadable content.

The free download, available through the "Mystery Gift" option on the main menu, unlocks a "Yellow Forest Route" that's chock full of Pikachus to battle and capture. Better yet, some of those Pikachus have special moves that regular ones don't, such as "Fly."

However, the "Yellow Forest Route" won't be available forever--distribution ends May 5, 2010--so be sure to get it while you still can. Specific instructions follow below:

  1. Select "MYSTERY GIFT" on the Main Menu. (Note: You must have obtained the Pokedex in your game to select "MYSTERY GIFT.")
  2. Select "RECEIVE GIFT"
  3. After you select "RECEIVE GIFT," select "GET VIA NINTENDO WFC" and choose "YES."
  4. Watch as you receive the Yellow Forest Route Map!
  5. Go to any Poke Mart and talk to the deliveryman in green standing in front of the counter. He will give you the Yellow Forest Route Map.
  6. The final step is to save your game. This is very important, so don't forget!
  7. Select "CONNECT TO POKEWALKER" from the Main Menu
  8. Select a Pokemon from your PC Box to send to the Pokewalker (You must have a Pokemon in your PC Box)
  9. Select the Yellow Forest Route Map
  10. Connect to the Pokewalker and now you are ready to stroll!
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