The Witcher Dueling Game Coming to iPhone

CD Projekt's dueling 'The Witcher' browser game, The Witcher: Versus, will be release for iPhone and iPod Touch, Destructoid spotted Polygamia reporting.

The Witcher: Versus involves challenging other players to duels as one of several human or monster classes then queuing up orders to defeat them, watching it all fought out by models from The Witcher. Victory brings experience to level up and gain new skills as well as currency to stock up on new weapons and items.

The portable edition will integrate with its browser cousin but also offer the bonus of unlockable artwork of The Witcher 2, which itself was officially announced yesterday but revealed long ago. The Witcher: Versus' release date is yet unknown, as is its price.

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    March 24, 2010 10:13 AM

    Awesome! :D , But shouldnt we be on the left side instead of the right?