More Nintendo DS Successor Rumors Emerge

With thousands of game developers currently attending Game Developers Conference 2010 in San Francisco, a fresh batch of rumors regarding Nintendo's unannounced but inevitable Nintendo DS successor have found their way online.

Coinciding with the initial rumors that emerged via CVG back in February, Raymond Padilla reports (via anonymous sources) that so-called DS2 packs a tilt-sensitive accelerometer, with development kits for the device already in developer's hands.

Reportedly, the system's two screens are bigger and higher-resolution than the Nintendo DS--it's not clear if the super-sized Nintendo DSi XL is included in that comparison--with a smaller gap between them so that they can be used as "one giant screen."

Other rumored details include hardware "similar in power to the GameCube" that apparently doesn't have much of a learning curve, and word that developers expect their first batch of games to be completed before the year's end.

As Padilla points out, that last bit seems to suggest that the hardware could make its way to store shelves later this year, but keep in mind that none of this has actually been confirmed. That said, the rumor mill is definitely churning--it'll be interesting to see what else starts making the rounds as June and E3 2010 draw ever closer.

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