Team Fortress 2 'War' Update Bestows Sword, Shield Upon Demoman

Team Fortress 2's Scottish cyclops the demoman will receive a shield and haunted claymore as part of the 'War' PC update this week, Valve Software has revealed--and celebrated with a lovely new comic.

"Slow-forged for generations in the bowels of captured English kings," the haunted blood-hungry 'Eyelander' claymore replaces the bottle. While it cannot cause critical hits and reduces the demoman's starting starting maximum health, the Eyelander grants him a boost to maximum health and speed for each head it claims.

Replacing the sticky-bomb launcher, 'The Chargin' Targe' allows the Eyelander to crit, and grants 65% damage resistance and 50% fire damage resistance, not to mention the alt-fire ability to charge forward at great speed with boosted melee crit power.

At the time of writing, Tavish DeGroot and his valiant demoman brethren trail behind the soldier by roughly 250,000 kills in the update's titular class war. Whichever frags the other the most before 'War' hits on December 17 will receive an exclusive fourth unlock.

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