Deus Ex 3 Is First 'Product of Joint Effort Between Square Enix and Eidos'

Final Fantasy developer Square Enix will be creating the cinematics for Eidos Montreal's Deus Ex 3, studio general manager Stephane D'Astous has told Edge.

"The people in Tokyo are just so glad to work on it," said D'Astous. "This is the first project for them that's a non-Final Fantasy title--they even want to work on Thief 4 too."

The Japanese publisher and developer purchased Eidos earlier this year after the Tomb Raider developer and Deus Ex publisher struggled and courted buyout bids.

The cyberpunk prequel was originally scheduled for release in late 2009--a date clearly no longer happening--with PC the only confirmed platform. It's unknown when Eidos' first entry in the hallowed Ion Storm-created shooter RPG series is now due to arrive.

Lead designer Jean-Francois Dugas simultaneously raised fan hopes and crushed their dreams in 2008 by saying Deus Ex 3 may not hit consoles due to its complexity--sequel Invisible War was often criticised as 'consolised'--while commenting that Ion Storm's original was "kind of slow" and had too few "exciting, memorable moments."

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