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Evening Reading: Epic Unleashes the Hordes

Funny things happen when videogame writers change sides of the fence. I was reading this story on 1UP by Dustin Quillen about Left 4 Dead preorders now standing at four times that of the first game (the original story was on CVG). In it he has this quote from former Old Man Murray writer Chet Faliszek in reference to how upset some fans had been about the sequel announcement and threats of a boycott: "If you put $20 in a box and charge $10 for it someone would complain you didn't put $50 in a box." Okay, I get it. He was making a joke. But it is pretty funny to see him spinning it like that from the other side.

Apartment hunting here in LA has yet to yield a winner. Guess that means back to clicking through listings tonight between watching Fringe and playing some Torchlight, or maybe some Dragon Age. Plenty going on around here today to check out when you take a break:

From The Chatty
  • reply
    November 5, 2009 6:59 PM

    I have no idea what I'm doing with thus Unreal Development Kit, but it's kinda fun messing around with it.

    • reply
      November 5, 2009 7:07 PM

      Yeah it's pretty cool unfortunately I haven't made any maps since Doom II so I'm lost. I think I'll try and make a zombie shooter set on Tatooine though.

    • reply
      November 5, 2009 7:09 PM

      I have a plan.

    • reply
      November 5, 2009 7:18 PM

      /raises mug of Guinness

      TO JONIN!!

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