First Halo Reach Screenshots, Details Leak?

Update: A scribble-free set of the Halo Reach shots have been uncovered by NeoGAF, with indications that MLG Forums poster ToM MoReLLo was not the original source, but rather obtained the pictures from someone else and claimed them as his own.

It is unclear as to whether MoReLLo fabricated the rumored details or was repeating information passed along by the initial source. The updated pictures are below.

Original: While Bungie has remained mum on Halo Reach, it seems that someone out there in cyberland has spilled the beans, as images and details have cropped up.

It all started when MLG Forums poster ToM MoReLLo claimed to have played Halo Reach at Microsoft and offered blurry pictures and gameplay details as proof--a feat quickly noticed and made popular by NeoGAF posters Dani and Tashi0106.

It appears that Reach will feature squad-based combat and the addition of perks, assuming MoReLLo is to be believed. Three example perks were given: sprinting, a radar-jamming cloak, and a hologram used to confuse or distract enemies.

However, the shots also indicate that Mr. MoReLLo was only able to play single-player, so the extent of the changes made to multiplayer are unknown.

More details and clearer images are expected as Bungie's Xbox 360 prequel nears its expected 2010 release, with those that own Halo 3: ODST getting beta access.

Chris Faylor was previously a games journalist creating content at Shacknews.

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