Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Patch Hits PC, Delivers Free DLC

The first patch for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising has arrived on PC with free downloadable content in tow, now available in a 243MB download on FileShack.

The included 'Skirmish' DLC adds four new multiplayer maps and two Fire Team Engagement missions, and is slated to hit Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for $5 (400 Microsoft Points) and $4 respectively following the release of a separate title update.

The patch for the PC release brings fixes for everything from lag and control issues to crashes and the interface, all detailed in the following changelog.

  • The game now displays the version number on the front end.
  • Video can now be captured with the software FRAPS.
  • When using the Mission Editor, if the player clicks off the game in order to move an object in the mission editor, the game will now not loses focus.
  • Gameplay online
    • Lag issues reduced for 32 players pvp.
    • The Client and Host shooting are now synchronised. The client will no longer empty a magazine into a player and not killing him.
    • In an online game, the mines are now correctly synchronised. The player can place mines on the ground with no problems.
    • The weapon will now continue working if the player spam the fire button and the change fire rate button.
    • The Players will now position correctly when re-spawned inside a vehicle.
    • Clients are now able to enter vehicles with no problem.
  • All sniper rifles will now have a sway effect.
  • When a building is destroyed any corpses that are within the building are removed, so they are not floating in the air.
  • The inventory UI from the crate or corpse can now be opened correctly when the player is standing at distance.
  • A rare online crash bug has been fixed when the Client is assaulting the fuel depot towards the end of the mission Bleeding Edge.
  • If the fireteams are following orders and then the player select an ROE order on all fireteams including themselves the orders will now be spread across all fireteams.
  • On a Pvp game, the counter will now count correctly when the settings are restricted to no re-spawns.
  • Games via a private server and password are now correctly protected. The players will now require the password to join the game.
  • The mouse wheel will now respond to the input control if the player enters a vehicle and continues to switch positions using mouse wheel.
  • The player can now change weapon with number keys while in a vehicle.
  • The player can now scroll the list of names in the lobby using the middle wheel.
  • The reloading time is now correct when the player is going prone straight after firing a SMAW or Queen Bee weapons.
  • The chat box will not overlap on 800x600 resolution.
  • In the polish SKU, the apostrophe key is now translated correctly when changing keyboard configuration in the Front end.
  • When exiting the credits, the heading will not transition twice.
  • The game has been modified to only use the original data to prevent cheating or hacking by modifying the configuration files.
  • Added script command OFP:setAIConfigPropertyValue to allow mission designers to override the AI configuration values found in the global AIConfig.xml file in user generated missions only.
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From The Chatty
  • reply
    November 5, 2009 7:19 AM

    Just what the game needs, more FIRE TEAM ENGAGEMENTS. Because it's not like you were a fire team commander for the entire campaign.

    I never thought I'd say "Arma 2 is better than..." but Arma 2 is better than this. It even manages to have more plot somehow.

    • reply
      November 5, 2009 8:19 AM

      I really disagree. I enjoyed this much more than the ArmA2 demo. ArmA seemed to have a much much steeper learning curve, and AI that were like robot marksmen. OpFlash just felt right although far too lacking in amount of content. Glad I bought PC.

      • reply
        November 5, 2009 10:32 AM

        I didn't play the demo, but the full game actually had some interesting missions in it, sissions that granted you a lot of freedom and vehicles to use to accomplish objectives that weren't completely obvious. All the missions in Dragon Rising were very similar - run somewhere to plant a demo charge on something, and along the way shoot at four or five soldiers from 300 meters away. It was like they focused on the most boring aspects of the original game.

        And the AI is just as bad in Dragon Rising. The production values are a lot higher, but that becomes really trivial when the game doesn't even try to establish characters or a story line or anything.

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