Flashbang Switches Gears, Plans Full-featured Velociraptor Safari

Flashbang Studios--the guys responsible for Off-Road Velociraptor Safari, Minotaur Chinashop, and other brilliant web games--announced today that it would cease development of smaller web projects in favor of a fleshed-out version of Raptor Safari.

The announcement came on the one-year anniversary of Blurst, the company's free web-based gaming portal.

"Blurst hasn't met our expectations," wrote Flashbang's Mathew Wegner on the company's blog. "More specifically, Blurst's traffic has not increased to levels where it will pay for itself."

"We could continue to fund Blurst's development through contract jobs and other means, as we have been, but we feel like there are too many roadblocks between now and a time when Blurst itself pays our bills."

Flashbang will continue to update Blurst.com while developing the stand-alone Raptor Safari. The developer plans to soon announce "details about schedule, platforms, and all of that jazz."

The studio previously announced that it would bring one of its games to consoles as a downloadable title.

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    October 16, 2009 3:30 PM

    Not sure if I'm excited about this, or kind of disappointed.

    I love Flashbang's games as they are always hilarious and really well made, but at the same time many of them feel like physics toys or tech demos and when you need to install their special software to play their games online, it taken some of the fun out of casual online games, especially on computer's that aren't your own.

    A full featured Velociraptor Safari could be great, the first felt like there was no real point to the game, but it was laugh out loud hilarious and fun to play, if it was fleshed out it could be great.

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