ASCIIpOrtal Remakes Portal in Mind-Bending 2D

Gang Garrison II rendered Team Fortress 2 in loving 2D and Portal: The Flash Version was so successful its levels were released in 3D then even the Xbox 360 port, but ASCIIpOrtal takes the Valve 2D remake lark to dizzying new heights.

Joe Larson's free 2D version of Valve's holey puzzle game Portal is rendered purely with text characters, yet creates portals so authentic they almost hurt to look at. Levels can be created simply by 'drawing' in a text file, putting the ASCII skills of your youth to good use.

ASCIIpOrtal is up for download on Larson's website. If you're anxious about having your melon twisted, check out the following pre-release dev diary then hop to it.

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