DeathSpank Info and Screenshots Detail Ron Gilbert's Monkey Island-cum-Diablo Adventure

Breaking a long silence following Ron Gilbert's announcement of DeathSpank in 2008, details have arrived on the Monkey Island creator's action adventure via 1up.

The titular "Hero to the downtrodden, a vanquisher of evil, and a dispenser of justice" DeathSpank will solve Monkey Island-style puzzles with trademark Gilbert humour and a dose of lateral thinking--aided by a hint system--and bloody Diablo-style combat.

Both ranged and melee baddy-bashing will feature, with DeathSpank decked out in weapons and armour scavenged from the world and fallen foes. A leveling system will naturally boost power and abilities, as well as allowing him to use level-locked items.

Developed by Hothead Games, DeathSpank will no longer be an episodic series as originally announced. Neither platforms nor a release date are currently known.

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    September 1, 2009 9:53 AM

    This actually looks pretty rad.

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