Battlefield Heroes Players Spending Big Money

A new report by IGN says that of players purchasing Battlefield Heroes items are spending quite a bit of money doing so.

The average buyer spends $20 at the Battlefield Heroes store, with 76 percent of all money spent going toward in-game clothing. Roughly 20 percent is spent on in-game experience boosts, with the rest attributed to emotes. IGN originally reported that the game might be making up to $30 million for EA, but that was based on the assumption that every player was spending an average of $20 on the game.

EA has since corrected the story to note that while 1.5 million players have logged into the game, not all of them are actively buying items in the store.

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    August 13, 2009 1:11 PM

    I enjoyed this game when it was in beta. I haven't played it much since it has become official. It didn't feel like a very competitive game. Just a free for all! ^_^

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      August 14, 2009 4:17 AM

      I might be wrong but i can't find a way to browse servers. So you just select play and i end up in a game. So one thing I can't join friends. And the other is you can't see what classes are already in the game. SO you might join a game as a certain class and everyone else is the same class. And you can't change who you are playing in game so you are stuck with a team with no balance which usually makes for a horrible game imbalance.

      The gme itself i found fun enough a play it from time to time. Thats not a bad thing cause i only find myself playing any shooter just from time to time.

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