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New MechWarrior Game Very Obviously Teased (Updated with More Videos)

Update: A few more videos have surfaced. Viewable below, the clips combine, like a Transformer, to provi


Update: A few more videos have surfaced. Viewable below, the clips combine, like a Transformer, to provide a full look at what is undoubtedly a giant mechanical warrior.

Voodoo Extreme owner IGN claims it will clear up the "rumors" through the publication of an interview with MechWarrior liscensee Jordan Weisman and Piranha's Russ Bullock on Thursday, July 9 at 12:01 AM PDT. The rumors apparently began after footage popped up on YouTube, with IGN adding that the announcement "will rock your computer."

Original: A new MechWarrior game is under development by Piranha Games, according to a very short teaser trailer and unsubtle hints dropped by Voodoo Extreme. No other details are known, though the site suggests a full trailer will be released later this week.

"Oh my, what on Earth could this be about? Could it be... a new MechWarrior?! Gee, I suppose it could," were the words and links that accompanied the site's posting of the below teaser. "Perhaps a Piranha will post a proper trailer later in the week?"

Piranha Games has a quiet development history, with its most recent credit being "additional character and level art" on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Luxoflux's robo-tastic movie tie-in game Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Jordan Weisman, founder of MechWarrior creator FASA, announced in 2007 that his new company Smith & Tinker had licensed the electronic rights to the MechWarrior property from Microsoft--which had bought FASA--and intended to "surprise and delight old fans."

The mech combat simulator series' last installment was MechWarrior 4 in 2000, and developer FASA Interactive was closed in 2007. Microsoft has since permitted the upcoming Crysis mod MechWarrior: Living Legends to use the property.

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  • reply
    July 7, 2009 8:07 AM

    Its about time for a good mech game to come out, now just need a spaceship shooter sim (freelancer).

    • reply
      July 7, 2009 8:27 AM


      • reply
        July 7, 2009 11:09 AM

        I would kill your mother for a new TIE Fighter game.

        /figuratively of course :)

        • reply
          July 7, 2009 6:06 PM

          Oh man, I kill MY mother for a new Tie Fighter game.

          I remember getting so into X-Wing vs Tie-Fighter. Tie-Advanced for life!

    • reply
      July 7, 2009 8:28 AM

      If you're ok with playing an MMO, you might want to get excited for Jumpgate Evolution.

    • reply
      July 7, 2009 8:32 AM

      or freespace

    • reply
      July 7, 2009 8:34 AM

      Or Wing Commader

      • reply
        July 7, 2009 12:17 PM

        I'd kill all your mom's for a new Wing Commander!!! /figuratively...i guess

    • reply
      July 7, 2009 9:45 AM

      Check out X:TC, has about all the space sim you could ask for, and looks fantastic while doing it.

      • reply
        July 7, 2009 5:30 PM

        There are a LOT of mods for X3:TC!!!

        Or for those too lazy to click on the is the entire damn list!

        Community Download List (1/2)


        [2008-11-07] X3TC Cheat Package by Cycrow

        Artificial Life

        [2008-12-16] Conflicts by Mavor
        [2008-12-16] Friendly Pirates by TycHouse & Graxster
        [2008-12-16] Imperial Laboratories by LV
        [2009-07-40] Improved Races by 7ate9tin11s ; Makes the enemies more active and dangerous
        [2009-01-18] Khaak Invasions by ttl
        [2008-12-16] NPC Bailing Addon by ThisIsHarsh
        [2009-05-03] Pirate Guild 3 by Serial Kicked ; Smarter Pirates
        [2009-06-28] Race Invasions by Xiriod
        [2008-12-16] Race Patrols by ttl
        [2008-12-16] Reduced Enemy Missiles by Graxster

        Combat Scripts: AI - commands for your fleet

        [2008-12-16] Improved Boarding By Cycrow ; Hotkeys to initiate boarding
        [2008-12-16] Medusa Rapid Fire Missile Interface by LV ; Missile attack command
        [2008-12-16] Missile Defense Mosquito (MDM) by Lucike
        [2008-12-16] RRF Race Response Fleets by LV
        [2008-12-16] Ring of Fire by Gazz ; Deploys Lasertowers

        Combat Scripts: personal

        [2009-01-04] Auto Aim by Gazz ; Enhanced targeting modes
        [2009-01-26] Bombardier by Chem aka ChemODun ; Weapon layout configurations
        [2008-10-27] AI Ship kills payout Bountyboost by LV
        [2008-10-27] Destroy Target Hotkey by Graxster
        [2008-12-16] Intelligent Targeting System by WindsOfBoreas ; Enhanced targeting modes
        [2008-12-12] Kill all ships (but mine) by JMCorp
        [2009-03-10] Missile Safety by Gazz ; Delay activation of launched missile
        [2008-10-22] Reset Hull and Shields Hotkey by Graxster
        [2008-12-16] Weapons Quickswap by Tatakau ; Weapon layout configurations

        Fleet Management

        [2009-07-06] Auto prep ships by ThisIsHarsh ; automate repair, upgrade, equip and config of multiple ships
        [2008-12-16] Carrier Drone Support Software by LV ; Carriers build fighters onboard
        [2009-05-03] CODEA Weapon System by Lucike ; Carrier management system
        [2009-04-27] Custom Wing Manager by Zypherg ; Add and/or delete custom wings
        [2008-12-23] Fleet Supply by DaOpa ; Enhanced supply commands (can buy needed items)
        [2009-02-10] Massive set home command by Seedz
        [2008-12-16] Refuel Ships (fix) by Graxster
        [2008-12-16] Remove Prefix "Your" from Player Property by Graxster
        [2009-02-15] Rename ships with Expression (RSwE) by Klyith (Conversion by Loky) ; Renames ships, stations, satellites, ...
        [2008-12-16] Ship/Station Names Management (SNM) by UniTrader

        Game object or feature alteration

        [2008-12-16] Accelerator to Jump Gate Conversion by Graxster
        [2009-06-07] AI Ammo Cheat + Dmg Mitigation by Gazz ; NPC ships always have ammo. Heavy ships can take less damage
        [2008-11-28] Asteroid Creator by fud
        [2009-01-15] Asteroid Relocator by Nividium
        [2009-02-01] Create Abandonned Ships on startup by apricotslice
        [2008-12-11] LazCorp Crystal Free Solar Power Plant by Lazerath
        [2009-03-29] No notoriety loss from hitting jumpgates by Gazz
        [2009-02-01] PHQ and Military Base in Boron Shipyards by apricotslice
        [2008-12-16] Remove: Press (KEY) to turn off Classic Flight Mode by Graxster ; Disables an annoying info message
        [2008-12-16] Remove Rocks from Universe by Graxster
        [2009-04-02] Resource-Free Factory by arcana75
        [2008-12-16] The Marauder Shipyard by Teladidrone

        Gathering - collect/reuse objects from space

        [2008-12-16] Apricot Cbeam/Abeam/Dbeam by apricotslice ; Collect (by teleport) wares/astronauts/drones
        [2008-12-16] Collect Wares in Sector (modified) by Graxster ; Will stop when no more wares to collect
        [2009-06-07] Collect Wares MK2 by arcana75 ; Will dock when no more wares to collect.
        [2009-01-26] Debris Repair and Utilization by Xenon J (Conversion by X420TokeAlot)
        [2008-12-16] Prospector (PSC) by Lucike ; Enhanced mobile miner
        [2008-12-16] Salvage Claim Software Mk. 1 by TECSG ; Detect and collect containers and abandoned ships
        [2008-12-16] Salvage commands & NPCs by ThisIsHarsh ; Collect wares/astronauts/drones
        [2008-12-16] SpaceLootTransporter by Huefte ; Collect wares (by teleport)


        [2008-12-16] Hotkey Manager by Cycrow
        [2009-05-03] Convoy Control by Gazz ; Improved functionality for "Escort the convoy" missions
        [2008-12-16] Launch Fighter Drone Hotkey, by XaiCorp
        [2008-12-16] Missile Defense Hotkeys, by XaiCorp
        [2008-12-16] Remove Hotkeys by Graxster
        [2008-12-16] Rotate and Move Objects by Graxster
        [2008-12-16] Scan Target Asteroid or Ship by clevider
        [2009-01-18] Ship Loadouts by S9ilent
        [2009-02-01] Transfer Power to Shields/Weapons/Energy by S9ilent

        [2008-12-16] Wing Hotkeys by Cycrow

        Information gathering

        [2008-10-25] Add Satellites to all Sectors by Graxster
        [2008-12-16] Asset Summary Report by Carlo
        [2009-03-01] Camera Drone Spy by Nividium
        [2008-12-16] Deploy satellites in target sector by PaulP
        [2008-11-26] Find all Free Ships by Graxster
        [2008-12-16] Invasion warnings by ThisIsHarsh
        [2009-06-17] MK3 Trading Log by SymTec
        [2008-12-16] Numeric Race Rank Titles by Gazz
        [2008-12-16] Satellite Early Warning Network by Cycrow
        [2008-10-26] Scan all Asteroids by Graxster
        [2008-12-16] Sector Scanner by Nividium ; Scan sector for mineral resources
        [2009-04-16] Teladi Information Service by ScRaT_GER ; Locates ships and wares
        [2009-04.19] Trade Overview by ScRaT_GER ; Monitor and summarize trade transactions of ships and stations
        [2009-07-04] Universe Explorers by 7ate9tin11s ; Scout pilots to hire
        [2009-04-27] UTProfit by Euclid ; Show profits made by ST/UT traders

        Navigation Scripts

        [2009-02-10] Advanced HyperDrive (AHD] by milling_horde and Loky
        [2008-12-16] Align ship with ecliptic by Gazz
        [2008-12-16] Apricot Jump to Derelict by apricotslice
        [2008-12-16] Auto / Terran Jump by Gazz ; Ships can jump to Terran sectors
        [2009-02-18] Broadcast return home by Seedz
        [2009-04-16] Docking Lockup Fix + Upgrade by Gazz ; Fixes a script lockup (overwrites files), AI can use Docking Computer
        [2008-12-16] Explorer Command Extension by ThisIsHarsh
        [2009-01-04] Follow me / Remember homebase + wingman by Gazz
        [2008-12-03] Free Jump by Graxster
        [2008-12-16] Gateless Jump Hotkey/Command by PaulP
        [2009-03-17] JumpPoint by BinaryBoy
        [2009-02-01] Landing/Docking Booster by Gazz ; Speed up ships during landing approach
        [2009-05-10] Move To Coordinates by Cycrow
        [2009-01-11] The Rubber Dinghi by Gazz ; All big ships (like M6/M2) can deploy one scout M5
        [2008-10-27] Warp to Target Hotkey by Graxster

        Piracy / Acquisitions

        [2009-06-21] Board Station by uberex ; Use troops to take over stations.
        [2008-12-16] Bribe A Pilot by Nividium ; Buy existing NPC ships
        [2009-03-01] Capture Stations by Nividium ; Use troops to take over stations.
        [2009-06-14] Hack Station by arcana75 ; Hacks a station to allow temporary docking for a fee.
        [2008-12-16] LazCorp Claim Unknown Sector by Lazerath
        [2008-12-28] Property Baron by Nividium ; Buy existing stations from NPC
        [2009-01-11] Ship Hijacker by Nividium ; Hack the target rather than shoot/board

        Ship Commands

        [2008-12-16] Apricot Beamdock by LV/apricotslice ; Teleport dock/undock ships into/from "carrier"
        [2008-12-16] Auto Begger by Nividium
        [2009-01-26] Autoscan for Smugglers by ttl
        [2008-12-16] Command Queueing By Cycrow
        [2008-12-16] Dock TS By LV
        [2008-12-16] Jump to me by Graxster
        [2008-12-16] Marine Training Manager by Graxster
        [2008-12-16] Mobile Ship Repairs by Graxster

        Ship Upgrades

        [2009-06-04] Advanced Jumpdrive by Cycrow
        [2009-06-02] Advanced Thruster Control by Cycrow
        [2008-12-16] Bulk Transporter Upgrade by Al_Main (Conversion by snwboardn21)
        [2009-06-19] Escape Pods by LV
        [2008-12-16] Freight Transporter Upgrade by LV
        [2008-12-16] LazCorp Military Scanner by Lazerath
        [2008-12-16] Marine Repairs by Tatakau ; Marines repair ship and station hulls
        [2009-04-19] Nanite Hull Repair by arcana75 ; Hull repairs itself by consuming shield energy
        [2008-12-16] Pandora Tunings by Teladidrone
        [2009-04-27] Player Workshops by Pelador ; Upgrade ships at own Docks
        [2008-12-16] Salvage Claim Software by Cycrow
        [2009-06-03] Slipstream Drive by Cycrow
        [2008-12-16] The Traveling Mechanic by Teladidrone
        [2008-12-16] Turbo Booster (Split) by Cycrow
        [2008-12-16] Upgrade Kits (JDK) by LV

        Station Building

        [2008-12-16] Factory Complex Constructor by Dusty ; Arrange / align stations with pinpoint accuracy
        [2008-12-16] Nividium Processing Plant by Nividium
        [2008-12-16] Station Repacker by alex2069
        [2008-12-28] Super Tractor by Gazz ; Moves everything, even asteroids to other sectors
        [2008-12-28] Universal Missile Complex by Draba

        Station Management

        [2008-12-28] Auction Services by Nividium
        [2009-06-28] Automatic Moneytransfer to Station by XGamer
        [2009-06-03] Equipment Research and Development by Cycrow
        [2008-12-23] Freight Distribution Network (FDN) by Logain Abler
        [2009-04-05] Green Stations by Nividium
        [2009-06-07] Remove products from docks by arcana75 ; Removes a single product from your Dock
        [2009-01-18] Station Financial Manager by S9ilent
        [2009-03-17] Station Storage Extension by Tim-O
        [2008-12-16] TL Storehouse by morbideth/silentdeth

        Trade Scripts

        [2009-01-11] adv. Product Chaser by wildlynx
        [2008-12-16] Apricot STUT for most ships by apricotslice
        [2009-02-01] Cargo Delivery Service by klaatu ; Ware delivery
        [2008-12-16] Commercial Agent (CAG) by Lucike ; Enhanced station trader
        [2008-12-16] Commodity Logistics Software (CLS) by Lucike ; Ware delivery (can trade)
        [2008-12-16] Economy and Supply Trader (EST) by Lucike ; Enhanced autonomous trader
        [2009-04-16] Extended Trade Command Software by SymTec ; Creates repeating queue of simple trade commands
        [2008-12-16] Manual Trade Extension: Best buy/sell loop by ThisIsHarsh
        [2009-03-17] Pirate Fence by Pelador
        [2009-01-21] Taxi Logistics by SymTec ltd.
        [2009-03-10] Transfer Freight via Drones by Tim-O
        [2008-12-16] Universal Best Buys/Sells Locator by alex2069
        [2009-03-19] Ware Hunter by Pelador


        [2008-12-16] Wing Equip Like Fix and extension by morbideth/silentdeth
        [2008-12-16] Wing Trade Commands - Buy ware and Sell ware by PaulP

        Turret Scripts

        [2008-12-16] Advanced Missile Defense by fud
        [2008-12-16] MARS Fire Control (MARS) by Gazz ; Enhanced turrets, combat, scavenging, ...
        [2009-03-10] Missile Defense Mk2 by Gazz ; Working missile defense for AI and own ships
        [2008-12-16] Turret On/Off Hotkey by Gazz ; Works with all turret scripts
        [2009-02-10] Turrets: selective attack by Armankessilon ; Limit a turret to certain target types
        [2008-12-16] Weapon Switcher by Xai Corporation ; Use AI style laser switching on player ships

        Other Scripts

        [2008-12-16] Deathmatch Arena(DMA) by LV
        [2008-12-16] Force NPC Undocking by Graxster
        [2008-12-16] Marine Trainer by JumperBR
        [2009-03-10] Dedicated Assistant Drones (DAD) by Pelador ; Drones for various tasks
        [2008-12-16] Ship killed notifications by ThisIsHarsh
        [2009-06-19] Test Drive & Hire Centre by LV
        [2008-12-16] Vocal Control by S9ilent
        [2008-12-16] X3-X3TC-Converter by SymTec

        Utility and Library Scripts

        [2009-01-26] Array/Matrix Sorts by S9ilent
        [2008-12-16] Community Plugin Configuration by Cycrow
        [2008-12-16] Compare Ship Stats by Graxster
        [2009-06-03] Cycrows Library Scripts by Cycrow
        [2008-12-16] Get Wares of Ship by WindsOfBoreas
        [2008-12-16] Hotkeys with double click / multiple functions by Gazz
        [2009-01-26] Hub/Station Checks by S9ilent
        [2008-12-16] Ingame Tutorial Creating Custom Menu and Interface by LV
        [2009-01-11] Maths Multiplication and 3D Trig scripts by S9ilent
        [2008-12-16] Sector Coordinates Finder by Graxster
        [2009-01-26] String Functions Library (lib.chem.strings) by Chem aka ChemODun
        [2009-05-31] Tertiary Signals by Gazz
        [2009-05-31] Ware Manager by Cycrow
        Mission Director (MD)

        Alternatives/Fixes to vanilla

        [2008-12-23] Apricot Hub Plot Very Easy version. by apricotslice
        [2008-12-23] Apricot Hub Plot Medium version. by apricotslice
        [2009-04-27] Apricot Hub Plot Hard version. by apricotslice
        [2009-06-07] HQ Plot start by reputation only by Xiriod
        [2009-04-27] Reset Plots by Ketraar

        Artificial Life

        [2009-03-18] Industrial Special Service (ISS) by Alex Vanderbilt

        Some MD code snippets from various authors might be found from this thread.




        [2009-01-11] Apricot Merge Mod Project by apricotslice *
        [2008-12-16] EMP mod

        Galaxy properties

        [2009-02-15] 500km Comm Range Mod by argon_emperor *
        [2008-12-16] Deactivate Mission Guidance by Graxster *
        [2008-12-16] Improved Combat Frame Rate by Graxster *
        [2008-12-16] No Civilians by Graxter *
        [2008-12-16] No Floating Icons by Graxster *
        [2009-06-07] No more Aldrin Big Rock by Someone Else
        [2008-12-16] No Suns by Graxter *
        [2009-02-01] Performance Upgrade Index (X3TC PUI) *
        [2009-06-14] Pirate Patrols by ezra-r ; More Pirates in Pirate sectors
        [2008-12-16] Reworked GalaxyMap + New Suns + unique SectorsoundtrackIDs by Alex Vanderbilt *
        [2009-01-26] SS_T's Shader Performance Mod by SSwamp_Trooper

        Object availability

        [2008-12-23] Add Orbital Weapons Platforms to Argon Prime Shipyard by Xiriod
        [2008-12-23] Add Yaki EQ dock to Weaver's Tempest by Xiriod
        [2008-12-23] Fighter Drone MKII factory in Queen's Harbour by Xiriod


        [2008-12-16] Apricot Mapping Service Mod (AMS) v2, with AMS, Goner and Khaak starts by apricotslice
        [2009-01-11] ATF Agent gamestart by Seathal *

        Ship/Station properties

        [2009-05-03] Advanced Complex-Hub by Saetan ; Internal and Capital docking bays
        [2008-12-23] AMurph0's Shipyards by AMurph0 *
        [2009-01-04] Apricot PHQ Extension Patch by apricotslice ; More storage space
        [2009-06-14] Basic M6 Upgraded by ezra-r ; Rebalance M6's with more speed and rudder
        [2008-12-16] BMTC Stronger Capital Ships / Combat Rebalance by Sandalpocalypse *
        [2008-12-16] Cockpit Callback MOD by Arkblade
        [2009-06-19] Engine Colours + particle trails by killerog
        [2009-06-14] Engine Trails + Smoke Mod by bounty_hunter66
        [2009-01-04] Enhanced Equipment Dock by Saetan
        [2009-01-26] Hangar-Mod/External-Docking Mod by Coffee-Man
        [2009-01-11] Increased HUB Storage Space by Forked *
        [2009-01-26] Lightspeed combat rebalance by ttl *
        [2008-10-27] Player HQ Hack by Graxster *
        [2009-06-07] Ship Rebalance Mod by Someone Else
        [2009-04-16] Terraformer Hub (Bug-Fix) by Saetan ; Safer Capital ship undock from Hub
        [2008-12-16] Turret Fix by Gazz
        [2008-12-16] YS-HUD-Mod by Samuel Creshal

        Ships / Stations

        [2008-12-16] Complex Cleaner / Modular Complexes by Gazz
        [2009-02-01] Ship - Boron Lusca M7 by Axeface *
        [2009-01-26] Ship - Paranid Thanatos M6 by Axeface *
        [2009-02-15] Ship - Terran Normandy M6 by Tenk *
        [2009-04-16] Ships - Battlestar Galactica by Hawkbs
        [2009-06-14] Ships - X2 Callback Mod by amurph0 and killerog
        [2009-05-31] Strategic Sector Defence Network (SSDN) by Logain Abler ; Deploys Drones via AdvSats.

        The ships you longed for not listed above? Perhaps you are not the first one to wish for them to exist?

        Full Mods / Total Conversions

        [2009-02-18] Homeworld2 mod by XDV and Shuulo *
        [2009-04-16] X1: Past and future mod by SS_T

        * Released before X3TC 2.0, so may not be compatible. Authors: Add note to Submission thread if/when you update for 2.1 compatibility.

      • reply
        July 7, 2009 10:33 PM

        As much as I like X3:TC, it's just not the same as a proper space sim.

    • reply
      July 7, 2009 10:53 AM

      I'm currently in my 5th game of Freelancer (doing all the wreck exploring; after the story missions), but I wouldn't go so far as to call it a sim.
      X-Wing Vs. Tie Fighter? Sim.
      Independence War 1 & 2? Sims.
      Wing Commander, Freelancer, Privateer? non-sim.
      Freespace came closer to being a sim that that last group, but I wouldn't quite call it a sim either.

      • reply
        July 7, 2009 10:54 AM

        Oops...I think I meant X-Wing OR Tie Fighter. Not XW vs TF. That was more arcadey than the predecessors, IIRC.

      • reply
        July 7, 2009 11:10 AM

        Ahhhh Privateer.

        Awesome that Clive Owen was in that.

        • reply
          July 7, 2009 11:42 AM

          Holy crap. I never made that connection.

    • reply
      July 7, 2009 11:09 AM

      black prophecy?

    • reply
      July 7, 2009 12:19 PM

      I'd take a new TIE Fighter over a new mech game any fucking day of the week. Course, that's not to say I don't like mech games, but god damn was TIE fighter a great game!

    • reply
      July 7, 2009 9:45 PM


      Actually, I really want a new Xwing or Tie Fighter too.

      • reply
        July 7, 2009 10:34 PM

        Who owns the rights to Freespace?

        • reply
          July 7, 2009 10:35 PM

          Well, to answer my own question: Interplay owns the rights

          "It [Interplay] is currently in the process of discharging its debts, partly by selling off its licenses. No one has yet picked up the FreeSpace license. Derek Smart, creator of Battlecruiser 3000AD, had casually mentioned his interest in it, but nothing significant came out of this."

          • reply
            July 7, 2009 11:17 PM

            I thought I would have never see that man's name again, yet, here you are, bringing it up.

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