Valve Adds Support for Three-dimensional Novint Falcon Controller

By Nick Breckon, Jun 23, 2009 4:48pm PDT After announcing an agreement nearly one year ago today, Valve has updated its Orange Box games--Team Fortress 2, Half-Life 2, and Portal--to support Novint's Falcon three-dimensional controller.

Left 4 Dead, Counter-Strike: Source and Day of Defeat will also soon receive similar updates.

The $150 Novint Falcon (shown left with optional pistol grip) was released in 2006. The three-dimensional "haptic" device is operated by a small spherical grip connected to three robotic arms.

The device's motors react to in-game events, with the end result being an elaborate force-feedback system. Damage jostles the grip accordingly, while weapons have different weights and produce varying amounts of kick-back.

Check out a short demonstration of the device below:

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