America's Army Devs Laid Off Following Launch (Updated)

Just one day after the launch of America's Army 3, the U.S. Army has opted to close its main Emeryville, CA-based studio in an effort to "consolidate development."

A representative for America's Army confirmed the news with Shacknews, noting that future development of the free-to-play PC military simulator will occur at the program office in Redstone Arsenal, AL. Exactly how many developers were affected is as yet unknown.

"This consolidation will allow us to gain efficiencies between our public and government applications," the representative explained. " We appreciate all the hard work that every member of the America's Army team has contributed to the project, and we look forward to delivering future America's Army game releases in the months ahead."

Update: While we still have no official word on the number of those affected by the "consolidation," an America's Army representative tells us that "some" of those from Emeryville have been asked to relocate to Redstone Arsenal and help with the "ongoing game development effort," with "about a quarter of the team" expected to do so.

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    June 18, 2009 2:31 PM

    That's a bit of a dick move.

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      June 18, 2009 2:48 PM

      I wonder how long they were crunching before the release.

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        June 18, 2009 10:54 PM

        Considering the cost of rent in Emeryville vs Alambama I would say this was a pretty easy choice. The real question I have is how many of the people laid off would take the same job in Redstone Arsenal perhaps at a lower salary adjusted for the cost of living. Times is hard! As for Dslyecxi's post about VBS I always thought AA served a singular purpose to act as a promotion to attract draft age males to the Army. Was it it ever used as a training simulator? If I recall from the early reports of AA was that it was a very positive return on a small percentage of the Army's budget for self-promotion devoted to the game. At least in terms of people participating the response and popularity was pretty high compared to the free schwag they would be handing out on career days at school campuses or whatever sports sponsorships they were endorsing. I can't imagine them closing this studio is anything other than a way to save millions of dollars of overhead by leaving the People's Republic of Alameda.

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