Doom Resurrection Announced for iPhone

With id founder John Carmack fully embracing the iPhone, the traditional PC developer has partnered with Escalation Studios to produce Doom Resurrection, a new iPhone title that makes use of assets from id's Doom 3.

Dubbed a "next-gen" iPhone game by VentureBeat, the 3D shooter (seen left) borrows its weapons and enemies from Doom 3, but makes use of the iPhone's accelerometers for tilt-based aiming.

Carmack claims that the game was developed over a period of six months, and now runs at 30 frames-per-second on the latest version of the iPod Touch. Resurrection is expected to be released next week.

"If you look at it in raw hardware horsepower, the iPhone should be better in performance than the Nintendo DS and the PlayStation Portable," said Carmack of the device. "But the truth is you can't exploit it all because of software inefficiencies."

id is also planning to release a multiplayer-enabled version of the original Doom on the iPhone in the near future.

"Right now the iPhone is the best platform for a small team to go and make their mark on," said Carmack to Gamasutra. "If I were off by myself, I would want to become an iPhone game developer."

Carmack also commented on Apple's announcement of the iPhone 3GS, saying: "I'm personally more excited by the $99 iPhone announcement that the 3G S.. I'd be happier seeing them sell 50 million of the base model than pushing the specs up."

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