Game Jam Spawns Dozens of Free, Strange Games

Global Game Jam may sound like a late 90s Michael Jordan vehicle, but it's actually far more interesting: an exercise in pure game-developing grit.

Last weekend, teams of amateur and professional game developers from around the world were challenged to conceptualize and create a game in just three days. The results have now been posted to the Game Jam website, searchable by genre, platform, and team location.

As you might imagine given the time constraints, many of the games are rather rudimentary--but some stand out as real gems. At the very least, they're worth looking over for the fabulous, non-ESRB-rated titles, such as:

  • HornyBuns, by The Quivering Member
  • Stolen Identity: Zimbies Credit Fraud Adventure With Zombies, by Team Venture
  • Porcupine and Balloon are Friends, by Quill Attack
  • Gandhi Gandhi Boom Boom, by BOOM !#@?
Thanks to A Sponge for the link.
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