Xbox 360 Gets Downloadable $5 Fireplace

From the abundance of downloadable Xbox Community Games comes Fireplace, a 400 Microsoft Points ($5) application that, when combined with the free Xbox Snow Globe and holiday theme, may just position the Xbox 360 at the very center of your holiday happenings.

Created by XNA user SniperED007, Fireplace is said to feature "realistic smoldering embers and flickering flames," which then create "the perfect backdrop for a relaxing evening." As with all Xbox Live-published Xbox 360 games, a free demo is available through the online Xbox Live Marketplace.

Presently, Xbox Community Games carry a mandatory minimum price of at least 200 Microsoft Points ($2.50) for games under 50MB. 400 ($5) and 800 Microsoft Points ($10) price points are also available to creators. Fireplace weighs in at 6 MB.

Unfortunately, Shacknews was unable to test the demo due to ice storms that have frozen Fort Wayne, IN--the second biggest city in the state--and robbed many residents of electricity, internet, and other utilities. Instead, please accept this trailer: [videofeature][img][/img][/videofeature]

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