Analyst: Guitar Hero 'Has Not Peaked'

While relatively sluggish sales of Guitar Hero World Tour has some convinced that the music game series has peaked, Signal Hills analyst Todd Greenwald disagrees.

"Guitar Hero sell-through [is] a bit soft, but not a disaster," he explained to Edge. "Despite this 'weakness,' we disagree strongly with those who contend that Guitar Hero is a 'fad,' or that the franchise peaked last year with [Guitar Hero III]."

Explaining his belief, Greenwald noted that the overall franchise is "up substantially (including extensions like Guitar Hero Aerosmith and Guitar Hero On Tour)."

He added that North American sales for the franchises could be over 20% for the year, "while Europe could be up nearly 300 percent."

And with Activision planning to triple Guitar Hero releases by 2010, Greenwald noted the potential of further growth for next year, pointing to titles like Guitar Hero: Metallica, Guitar Hero: Jimi Hendrix, DJ Hero, "and more."

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    December 17, 2008 2:48 PM

    Well it haspeaked for me as far as the hardware is concerned. We have 4 guitars and the Rock Band set (drums, guitar, mic) I don't want anymore of that crap taking up space in my home. They need to work on making the games compatible with the hardware we already have if they haven't already. I wouldn't know since I've been avoiding those games.

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