Shack PSA: Half-Life 1 on Steam for 98 Cents

In honor of the tenth anniversary of the original Half-Life (PC), developer Valve has put the game on sale on its Steam digital distribution service for 98 cents, a nod to its 1998 release.

The oft-delayed Half-Life was Valve's first release and went on to receive countless Game of the Year awards and high-ranking spots in several publications' "best games of all time" lists. The studio has followed up the adventures of silent protagonist Gordon Freeman with a sequel and two episodic mini-sequels, with Episode Three on the way.

At 98 cents, it's an affordable bit of gaming history--even for non-gamers--but the deal won't last long. The shooter returns to its usual $9.99 price point at 12:00 noon PST on Friday, November 21.

Shacknews readers who haven't played the game are encouraged to give it a whirl before the real Gordon Freeman's antics at the Large Hadron Collider get us all killed.

Shacknews thanks user Leviathan41 for the tip.

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    November 19, 2008 2:04 PM

    Dear lord. If you do not already own Half-Life, then you better fucking buy this. I feel confidant in saying this is the best videogame deal that has ever been.

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