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Original Max Payne Game Producer Really Doesn't Like Movie

As head of the studio that took a producer-like role in the original Max Payne, 3D Realms CEO Scott Miller knows Max very well. And he didn't exactly like the film, not unlike the zillions of Americans who paid a combined $18 million to see it and hated it.

This news story contains plot spoilers.

"There are several fundamental story flaws ... in the film that have me shaking my head in bewilderment," Miller told Edge. And those flaws start right at the beginning--or rather, what should have been the beginning.

"A big problem with the film is that we do not really know what is driving Max until we see the flashback scene [mid-film] showing him coming home and finding his family murdered. In the game, we put this scene right at the front of the story for a reason!"

Then there's Jack Lupino, the drug man who was "lamely killed by one of the film's non-action characters" instead of Max himself. "The entire time we're told that this drug makes 1-in-100 people super-human, yet Lupino doesn't demonstrate this in the least," Miller said. "It should have taken a hail storm of bullets to bring him down, plus it should have been Max that kills him."

Given his personal involvement in the Duke Nukem film adaptation, Miller has talked his way into a challenge: make a better movie than Max Payne. Of course, in his opinion, he might find that a pretty easy task.

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  • reply
    October 20, 2008 8:23 PM

    I cant imagine seeing something you made turned to Hollywood shit. I haven't seen the movie, but will at some point (rental), i just cant beleve it got f'ed like it did. How hard is it to follow a great game script and adapt it to the screen, shit man it was all pretty much done for them...

    • reply
      October 20, 2008 8:35 PM

      Yeah, seems like half the producers at hollywood are useless.

    • reply
      October 20, 2008 8:53 PM

      All they really had to do was use the graphic novel as a story board and use the level design as a guide for set design and throw in a gunfight in-between the graphic novel stuff. Plus the casting was awful. No one did a bad job in the movie but they were so poorly cast (except BB I guess but we don't see a lot of him in the game) that it didn't matter.

      • reply
        October 20, 2008 9:10 PM

        I gave Marky Mark a chance as he's done some good work in the past. Mona Sax was horribly miscast. As soon as I saw who they cast I knew they were going to do their own version of Max Payne instead of being truthful to the game. Maybe movie companies will start listening to the game makers like they finally did with comic books.

        • reply
          October 20, 2008 9:24 PM

          Marky Mark did fine but he was a poor choice for Max Payne. They really needed to focus on someone who can do the voice right first and foremost as Max Payne has had two drastically different appearances in the games so they had a lot of wiggle room in that department.

    • reply
      October 20, 2008 9:35 PM

      Where's Broussard?

      Anyway, makes me sad that Hollywood can't get the spirit of a game to turn it into a good enjoyable movie.
      Geez, I bet half (or more) people here at shack could do a decent movie out of it.

      Wasn't there a Fan made movie of Max Payne?

      So sad...

      My condolences to 3DR and Remedy. I bet Sam Lake is crying somewhere...

      • reply
        October 20, 2008 9:38 PM

        Here it is.

        Got "foxed". They couldn't handle the competition...

        • reply
          October 20, 2008 9:45 PM

          There was also this Fan made "short" of Max Payne, entitled "Max Payne - Hero"

          Also, i guess "Payne and Redemption" was in production quite for sometime. I guess before FOX officially announced their movie... Sad to see the big bully come down hard on someone doing an honest (movie) job...
          I bet that would've been a better Max Payne movie, but now they switched the story to a original one. Hence the title "Payne and Redemption"

        • reply
          October 20, 2008 10:02 PM

          Oh wow, fuck FOX.

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