New PS3 and PSP Firmware Release Date Announced, PS3 Gets Flash 9 Support

Firmware updates for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable will both arrive tomorrow, October 15. As an added bonus, the PS3 update gets support for Flash 9.

As reported yesterday, version 2.50 of the PS3 firmware brings screenshot capture, power saving, and a number of smaller tweaks. Version 5.00 of the PSP firmware, on the other hand, offers direct access to the PlayStation Store for the first time.

Semi-official blog Three Speech also picked up word that the PlayStation 3 will support Flash 9 through its built-in Internet Browser, which means owners can now use their $399 console to play the latest Desktop Tower Defense.

Both updates will be released through each system's update utility sometime tomorrow and will be available worldwide. For full descriptions of the updates, check our report featuring the official word from Sony.

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