Fallout 3 Dev: Drug Censorship 'Biggest Non-Issue in the History of Video Games'

Bethesda VP Pete Hines finds the outcry over Fallout 3's censorship just a touch overblown.

"It is seriously the biggest non-issue in the history of video games," said Hines in a Shacknews interview published last night. "It got way more attention than it merits," he added.

Continuing, Hines emphasized that the net effect on the game is zero: "Have you noticed [the change]? Does it make a big difference that it's called something other than Morphine? I mean, who gives a--"

"Australia weren't the only folks that had brought this up," Hines pointed out. "It had actually been brought up in a number of places. Like, 'Hey, referencing real prescribed drugs is kind of a little concerning.'

Bethesda's solution to the problem was rather laid-back, as well. "We went back and looked at it and went, 'It's not like it's in the original game, we just made it up. So why not just change it to another made-up name?' ... We couldn't possibly care less."

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    October 1, 2008 11:04 AM

    Agreed. Why doesn't everyone find something more relevant to bitch about, like the fact that someone keeps putting out Sonic games.

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