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Mirror's Edge Aims to Sell 3 Million

Martin Frain, the marketing director for DICE, thinks the studio's upcoming Mirror's Edge will break three million copies sold.

"I would look for world-wide sales of over 3 million, on three platforms, as a conservative number," Frain told Edge. He added, "I think it has the potential to do a lot more than that."

Frain based his prediction on the significant hype the game is garnering along with its unique image. "You look at a screenshot of Mirror's Edge, and you know what it is," he remarked.

However, Frain concedes that predictions can't be so concrete when entering a new genre of gameplay. Mirror's Edge is the first known parkour-inspired, first-person platforming action game. In Frain's words, "It's not like we can model it on shooter games--it's not a shooter game."

Mirror's Edge will start its fiesta of sales on November 11 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, with a PC release following later.

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