Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Roster Unveiled: Darkseid, Lex Luthor, Shazam, Liu Kang, More


After the leaked roster began making the rounds this morning, publisher Midway has officially announced the complete character lineup for Midway Chicago's universe-shattering crossover fighter Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (PS3, 360).

Slated to arrive this November, the game will include the following combatants:

    DC Comics Universe:

    • Batman

    • Superman

    • Catwoman

    • Green Lantern

    • Shazam

    • The Flash

    • Deathstroke

    • Wonder Woman

    • The Joker

    • Lex Luthor

    • Darkseid

    Mortal Kombat:

    • Scorpion

    • Sub-Zero

    • Sonya

    • Jax

    • Shang Tsung

    • Liu Kang

    • Raiden

    • Kitana

    • Kano

    • Baraka

    • Shao Kahn

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    September 11, 2008 4:39 PM

    For good or ill, I'm buying this--it's just too bad it couldn't be a DCU-only fighting game so that there might be a good chance for slightly-more-obscure characters to show up via unlockables.

    Also, does anyone know which Green Lantern this is? Please say Hal Jordan!

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      September 11, 2008 5:04 PM

      Yeah. Honestly, they really should break it up into two different games. I was kind of excited for a next-gen MK game (even though it doesn't seem to look much better than the last gen games); but this doesn't really work. Some of the gameplay elements look rad (like the fighting in air & such), but the universes just don't mix well with each other. And removing the excessive blood from MK is a bad idea. That's what makes MK MK..

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