Deus Ex 3 Reveal Coming Next Month

We'll finally hear more about Deus Ex 3--the sci-fi RPG sequel in development at Eidos Montreal--next month, courtesy of a magazine preview.

The NeoGAF forums play host to a scan of a teaser image from PC Zone magazine. "The conspiracy is revealed..." it reads, playing on the series' longstanding exploration into popular conspiracy theories. An image of a human heart is in the background, adding to anatomical themes first seen in the game's teaser trailer, which was released in late 2007.

The news would be the first on the game since late 2007, when it was announced alongside the trailer. A few media reports on the game followed the announcement, but since then Eidos Montreal has largely been silent.

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    September 8, 2008 5:04 PM


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      September 8, 2008 8:16 PM

      I wholeheartedly agree. DX1 redone would be lovely, although I'm holding out hope for this sequel.

      Oh... and DX2 did suck. ;P

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      September 8, 2008 8:19 PM

      This would be fine. Hell even if they kept the same story it would be good.

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        September 8, 2008 9:55 PM

        God i hope not.
        Don't get me wrong. I love DX, same as everyone else, but the story was: lets cram ever conspiracy under the sun in to one game. It was fun. But for that reason alone I prefer DX-IW (shock horor).
        DX-IW's story's were just more compelling. Shame there were lost in the utter mess that was the rest DX-IW.

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          September 8, 2008 10:59 PM

          That wasn't the case at all. For one, Deus Ex actually made things tie together in a logical sense, unlike, say, the Templars in DX2, which clearly had no historical connection to the prior group, and acted in ways that had no relation to the ideals the historical Templars upheld.

          To top that off, DX2's story completely twisted the characters established in the original. With the exception of Tracer Tong and possibly the Dentons, no one from the original game (I'm looking at you, Chad) was even remotely acting in a logical continuation of their established behaviors. Even given a worldwide catastrophe, it's just too much of a stretch to see the idealistic leader Chad was becoming a willing participant in the charade the new Illuminati was perpetrating. Add to that the fact that people like Dowd and Everett would still have been around after the first game and it makes the Illuminati we see with assassins and commandos and whatnot even more absurd.

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            September 9, 2008 11:56 AM

            You didn't read why I preferred DX-IW's story's did you?
            I'm not a hardcore DX fanboy, so it wasn't really 100 important to me for them to follow one the various story lines with 100% accuracy, which they clearly stated they weren't going to be doing because in DX-IW the devs followed on assuming that all three endings from DX happened. What was important to me was the other all themes off Deux Ex were maintained (not story lines, themes).
            And I stated nothing as fact in my previous comment, it's all just opinion, so I'm not really sure what part of it you thinks not true.

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              September 9, 2008 5:53 PM

              I read your comment, and I think my criticism stands.

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