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Team Fortress 2 Heavy Update: First Unlockable Weapon, Achievements Revealed

An update on Valve Software's Team Fortress 2 blog has unveiled more of the content planned for the Heavy update, scheduled to hit the multiplayer shooter next Tuesday.

The first of three unlockable weapons planned for the Heavy are Killing Gloves of Boxing (or K.G.B.), which replace the Heavy's bare fists as his melee attack. When landing a killing blow with the K.G.B., the Heavy receives five full seconds of guaranteed critical hits, which can be used to kill more foes and further extend the remaining time.

The crit bonus can also be used with the Heavy's other weapons—the shotgun and the minigun—allowing the class to lay waste to enemies at a distance. The gloves offer a slower swing speed than the Heavy's uncovered fists, making use of the item somewhat riskier than the standard equipment roll-out.

Along with two yet-unannounced unlockable weapons, the K.G.B. will be obtainable via a total of 35 class-specific achievements. The Heavy's new weaponry will likely see a similar structure as the previously released Pyro update, which granted unlockable weapons at 10, 16, and 22 earned achievements.

While the requirements for the achievements have not yet been specified, their names and iconography—paired with the image file names—offer a few clues as to what those requirements might be.

The achievements and their corresponding file names are as follows:

  1. Iron Kurtain - heavy_damage_taken
  2. Party Loyalty - heavy_defend_medic.png
  3. Division of Labor - heavy_assist_medic_large
  4. Red Oktoberfest - heavy_earn_medic_domination
  5. Show Trial - heavy_kill_taunt

  6. Crime and Punishment - heavy_kill_flag_carriers
  7. Class Struggle - heavy_kill_medic_pair
  8. Soviet Block - heavy_block_invuln_heavy
  9. Stalin the Kart - heavy_block_cart
  10. Supreme Soviet - heavy_receive_uber_grind

  11. Factory Worker - heavy_stand_near_dispenser
  12. Soviet Union - heavy_assist_heavy_grind
  13. 0wn The Means of Production - heavy_clear_stickybombs
  14. Krazy Ivan - heavy_kill_underwater
  15. Rasputin - heavy_take_multi_damage

  16. Icing on the Cake - heavy_kill_dominated
  17. Crock Block - heavy_survive_crocket
  18. Kollectivization - heavy_assist_grind
  19. Spyalectical Materialism - heavy_uncover_spies
  20. Permanent Revolution - heavy_kill_while_spinup

  21. Heavy Industry - heavy_fire_lots
  22. Communist Mani-Fisto - heavy_kill_crit_punch
  23. Redistribution of Health - heavy_heal_medkits
  24. Rationing - heavy_kill_shotgun
  25. Vanguard Party - heavy_first_to_cap

  26. Pushkin the Kart - heavy_payload_cap_grind
  27. Marxman - heavy_kill_midair_minigun
  28. Gorky Parked - heavy_defend_control_point
  29. Purge - heavy_kill_capping_enemies
  30. Lenin a Hand - heavy_revenge_assist

  31. Five Second Plan - heavy_teleport_fast_kill
  32. Photostroika - heavy_freezecam_taunt
  33. Konspicuous Konsumption - heavy_eat_sandwiches
  34. Don't Touch Sandvich - heavy_kill_scouts
  35. Borscht Belt - heavy_kill_heavies_gloves
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From The Chatty
  • reply
    August 13, 2008 11:39 AM

    This rocks, a great game that just keeps getting better.

    • reply
      August 13, 2008 11:41 AM

      absolutely. this sounds like fun. 5 seconds of crits is a long time, especially if it transfers to other weapons. Who needs kritzkrieg when you can create your own. I wonder if this works while uber'd.

      i love the way valve has been adding to this game steadily and continues to tune it.

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