Video Games Are Terrorists, Claims Christian Post

Do not be alarmed, but according to The Christian Post, there are terrorists in your house right now.

"You may be surprised at how many 'terrorists' there are in your home right now. Video games, computers, cell phones, teen magazines, music, TV, & movies: all of which fall under the umbrella of entertainment and all are likely perpetrators," wrote columnist Ron Luce, pictured left.

"Every time we let unsupervised media into our homes and into our kids' minds, we have invited a terrorist into our home," the author of the recent novel Re-Create: Building a Culture in Our Homes That Is Stronger Than the Culture Deceiving Our Kids justified.

Luce argued that letting children experience unsupervised video games and movies is equivalent to letting "a known thief and sexual predator of young girls" spend time with your family, as "these modern occupiers of time dispense a river of polluted entertainment riddled with the same values driving the visitor at your front door."

"Although we consider [movies, television and music] entertainment, they are actually infotainment," he concluded, noting that they "impart values and information about the world, maybe information about life, that your kids are not ready to process and absorb."

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