Quake Zero Name Changed Due to Domain Squatter

Though Quake Zero--id Software's free online version of Quake III--was announced at QuakeCon 2007, the name was subsequently changed to Quake Live with no explanation.

id co-founder John Carmack today revealed that the change of the name was due to an enterprising domain name squatter.

"This was an idea we had mere weeks before QuakeCon," said Carmack, emphasizing the freewheeling nature of the Quake Zero announcement.

As it turned out, the speed of the game's unveiling came back to bite the company, when a quick anonymous individual purchased the Quake Zero internet domain names.

"They offered us a considered buyout option for it," added Carmack. "We just decided heck, we're only a few months into development of this, we'll just change the name."

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