Rumor Control: Final Fantasy 13 Developed on PCs, Actual PC Release Unconfirmed

Acclaimed Japanese developer Square Enix has revealed that its much-anticipated RPG Final Fantasy XIII (PS3, 360) is being built on PCs, though contrary to reports from other outlets, this news does not necessarily confirm that FF13 will be released on PC.

Much like Capcom's MT Framework technology, Square's PC-based Crystal Tools engine lets the company easily develop for multiple platforms using the same toolset.

"[Final Fantasy XIII] is being built on PC, where it's actually functional," producer Yoshinori Kitase said Square Enix's E3 press conference, according to Nvidia's Nzone. "We're still focusing on making it work on PS3, so it's difficult to know how long the process of taking it to 360 will take."

Though the console editions of FF13 can run on Square's PC development units, this does not confirm that the title will be released for PC, especially as a full-fledged PC version would require additional testing and texture work to ensure compatibility across a broad range of non-standardized PC hardware.

The additional challenges of a full-fledged PC port are familiar to Capcom. Though titles such as Lost Planet and Devil May Cry 4 were developed using the PC-based MT Framework tools, the respective PC releases trailed those of the console editions.

Furthermore, not all of Capcom's MT Framework titles have been released on the PC, with Dead Rising continuing to stay an Xbox 360 exclusive.

Certainly, Square Enix's comments suggest that a PC release of Final Fantasy XIII is possible, especially given that Square's history of bringing Final Fantasy VII, VIII and XI to the PC, along with the recent revelation that the Unreal Engine 3-powered RPG The Last Remnant is now slated to arrive on both consoles and PC.

However, the company has yet to make any official announcement of a PC edition of Final Fantasy XII.

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    July 23, 2008 10:39 AM

    That would be most excellent if released.

    • reply
      July 23, 2008 11:29 AM

      A PC version would be fucking awesome. My only FF experience is with FFVI (<3), but I'd like to see where Square Enix is taking things after 18 years...

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