New Duke Nukem Forever Footage Released

As promised, the first episode of the Jace Hall Show contains the first smidgen of gameplay footage from 3D Realms' long, long anticipated shooter Duke Nukem Forever.

No specific release date has been announced for the long-in-development title. It is rumored to arrive on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in addition to the PC, though 3D Realms has yet to make any official announcement.

The footage represents the first media to be released from the current iteration of the game since the teaser trailer was debuted last December.

Regarding the video, Duke Nukem curator and director George Broussard said:

This was a snippet from one level inside hoover dam, for a few mins. there are large outdoor environments, too, and tons of stuff not seen here.

I wasn't even sure they were going to show game footage as the original deal was to just film jason playing the game, and a reaction. They cut in a few scenese [sic] here and there. Much much more to see and come.
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    June 5, 2008 11:45 AM

    Why on earth did we put their video on the front page? It auto plays and fucks everything up.

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