Jack Thompson Recommended for 10-year Disbarment, Walks Out of Disciplinary Hearing

Infamous anti-game litigator Jack Thompson walked out of his scheduled disciplinary hearing before the Florida Bar this afternoon, after which the Bar recommended an "enhanced disbarment" prohibiting the attorney from practicing law for ten years.

According to Kotaku, Thompson left the courtroom after saying that presiding Judge Dava Tunis did not have the authority to hear his case, and filed a 4,500 word objection to the hearing prior to his departure. The hearing continued without Thompson, after which the Florida Bar recommended enhanced disbarment.

Thompson was found guilty of 27 counts of misconduct last month for his participation in several video game-related cases. As per the disciplinary process, Judge Tunis' recommendations for sanctions are due to the Florida Supreme Court by September 2nd.

Thompson's objection claims, among other things, that Judge Tunis is without legal authority to serve due to a failure to comply with Florida's loyalty oath statute. Thompson also suggests that the judge has repeatedly attempted to smear and slander him, closing his objection with a quote from the Bible and the following remarks:

"By perseverance and by God's grace, I have fashioned a legal millstone that I will place around your neck and the neck of The Bar. Don't blame me, Referee Tunis, when you feel the water rising."

Thompson's almost comically massive 4,500 word objection, viewable here, further states that the attorney was "ahead of the curve" with Grand Theft Auto and other violent games, and adds that it was his influence that made violent games an issue in the current U.S. Presidential race.

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