Diablo3.com Domain Acquired by Blizzard

Developer Blizzard Entertainment has acquired the Diablo3.com domain name from a Diablo fan community web site, but suggested that the acquisition is not a hint of a forthcoming announcement for a new Diablo title.

The website had been running a countdown timer on its front page over the last several days, leading many to speculate that the site was set to break news of a new title in Blizzard's beloved hack-and-slash PC RPG series. The site's webmaster said that Blizzard denied any connection between the domain acquisition and a new Diablo game.

"[W]hile Blizzard is indeed acquiring the diablo3.com domain name, they told me that this shouldn't be considered an announcement for the Diablo 3 game we've been waiting for all these years," the webmaster wrote in an update. "While this is true, I personally can't help but think that this is a confirmation of sorts that they're working on the next Diablo game."

The Diablo3.com domain name now redirects to DiabloFans.com, the new home of the Diablo community website, to aid in the transition of the domain.

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