Revamped Street Fighter 2 HD Remix Screens, Art

Capcom has unleashed a brand new set of screenshots for Backbone Entertainment's long-awaited downloadable effort Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (PS3, X360).

Showcasing newly redrawn stages and concept art, the media reflects the revamped art style that was recently unveiled by Capcom.

Access to an eight-week beta of the game will be granted to Xbox Live Gold subscribers who purchase the Xbox Live Arcade edition of Capcom's upcoming Commandos 3, which hits this spring. HD Remix is due on both the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Store this fall.

Speaking to Game|Life, Capcom expanded on comments that the game's file size would not be a problem on Xbox Live Arcade. Microsoft has granted special clearance to exceed the typical 150MB XBLA file size limit with HD Remix and Bionic Commando: Rearmed, quelling concerns that size limitations would hamper the Xbox 360 editions.

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    March 13, 2008 11:16 AM

    excellent news about the file size allowance for this and Bionic Commando Rearmed.

    I have a massive one for both of these titles!

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      March 13, 2008 11:51 AM

      i glanced at this post and saw "massive titties".

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