New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer Busted in Sex Scandal, Eats Own Face

New York governor Eliot Spitzer is sad.

Why? Turns out the governor up and got himself implicated in a prostitution ring scandal, wherein ladies of the night were hired for up to $3,100 an hour. Spitzer made a statement this morning, saying that he "acted in way that violates his obligation to his family," but did not elaborate on his involvement or answer questions.

Spitzer, an outspoken critic of the gaming industry, late last year unveiled a video detailing the dangers of violent gaming called "Video Games and Children: Virtual Playground vs. Danger Zone". The video cited hoax web site MAVAV, a well-documented satire site, among its sources.

So, there's obviously going to be a bit of give and take with this story. Those fighting against gaming legislation and threatening to set the Jack Thompsons of the world on fire will likely cite this as evidence that those most eager to repress gaming have themselves something to hide. Sure, I get that.

But reporting on that kind of thing isn't really something I'm altogether thrilled about. So what, Shack faithful, am I writing up this here blog post for?

It's simple, really: I'm blown away by the governor's ability to make this goddamn face. Is that not the saddest expression you've ever seen? It's like he's eating a handful of Sour Patch Kids while being simultaneously and repeatedly kicked in the balls.

Damn the debate. Look at that friggin' mug!

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