Sarah Michelle Gellar's American McGee's Alice Movie Will Happen, Buffy Promises

Sarah Michelle Gellar (pictured left) is still hoping to turn American McGee's Alice (PC)--American McGee's dark, twisted vision of Lewis Carrol's classic literary tale Alice's Adventures in Wonderland--into a full-fledged live-action feature.

"It's still my project, and I'm still working diligently," she told SCI-FI Wire. "I'll do it if I have to get down and write it myself one of these days. I may have to.

"I believe there is such a beautiful, crazy, cool, twisted story to be told there," Gellar continued, attributing the holdup to issues with funding studio Universal. "So to all those Alice fans, I'm not giving up."

Gellar, who starred in the long-running television drama Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the live-action film renditions of Scooby-Doo, had hoped to play the lead role in Sarah Michelle Gellar's American McGee's Alice, but is now fearful that she will be unable to star when production finally begins.

"I'm fearful at this rate that I'm going to be the wicked Queen of Hearts because I'm going to be too old to be Alice," she said with a smile and a hearty chuckle. Gellar also joked that the project had become "the frustration of my life."

Developed by Rogue Entertainment, American McGee's Alice was released on the PC in 2000. American McGee has since moved on to warping more classic fairy tales in the form of American McGee's Grimm (PC), which is in development at American McGee's Spicy Horse studio and will be distributed through American McGee's business partner GameTap.

Shacknews will, of course, continue to provide breaking coverage of Sarah Michelle Gellar's American McGee's Alice and all of American McGee's and Sarah Michelle Gellar's related projects.

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