Doritos Dash of Destruction Wins XBLA Contest, NinjaBee Developing for Summer 2008 Release

Mike Borland's Doritos Dash of Destruction has won the Doritos Unlock Xbox contest, and will be made into a full-fledged Xbox Live Arcade title by acclaimed XBLA developer NinjaBee (Cloning Clyde, Band of Bugs).

The contest challenged entrants to create a game that mixed the Doritos brand with entertaining gameplay.

Borland's concept has a T-Rex chasing a Doritos delivery truck, with players controlling either the truck driver or the hungry dinosaur. It was among the five finalists that made it onto the Snack Strong Productions site in playable prototype form, and received the most votes from site visitors.

Doritos Dash of Destruction will be available via Xbox Live Arcade as a free download in summer 2008.

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