Hellgate-gate 07: Subscription Servers Down As Game Launches

The Halloween release of Flagship Studio's RPG Hellgate: London isn't going as smoothly as it could be, with news coming that the optional subscription service remains offline as the game is being put up on store shelves.

"Subscriptions are temporarily unavailable due to technical issues," reads a post to the official Hellgate website. "You are still able to create accounts and all players will be able to subscribe as soon as this is resolved. For users who have had difficulties subscribing, we are investigating these issues and will attempt to resolve them as soon as possible."

Most subscription bonuses are long-term perks, but the game's "Hardcore" mode, "elite" items, guild-creation ability, and extra character slots will be unavailable for would-be subscribers in the meantime.

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    October 31, 2007 9:25 AM



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      October 31, 2007 9:31 AM

      It's not like the ENTIRE beta community told them this game wasn't ready for launch... oh wait, we DID!

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        October 31, 2007 10:05 AM

        The game launch has been just fine. The subscription signups are a webapp that was never part of the beta...

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          October 31, 2007 11:29 AM

          This is true, but at the same time there are still some major bugs in release.

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            October 31, 2007 6:49 PM

            Yah, well, currently the US server is offline, so is the website...

            woopsie... so much for your theory it was limited to subscribing to the game.

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          October 31, 2007 7:14 PM

          I wish that were true... If only they had listened to the beta testers.

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