BlackSite Delayed on PS3, Stranglehold Expected to Sell 1.5M Copies

Following the delay for the PlayStation 3 version of Epic's Unreal Tournament 3, Midway CEO David Zucker also revealed a slight delay for the PS3 version of Midway Studios Austin's extra-terrestrial shooter, BlackSite: Area 51. The game will arrive on PS3 approximately three weeks after its Xbox 360 and PC retail date of November 5.

Zucker told the news to investors today in a conference call following the company's financial update, attributing this delay as well as that of the Stranglehold on PS3 to the company's use of the Unreal Engine 3 on Sony's platform. Midway is the first company to ship Unreal Engine 3 games for the PS3, even before Epic's first Unreal Engine 3 flagship title, the recently delayed Unreal Tournament 3.

Elsewhere in the call, Zucker said Midway expects to sell 1.5 million copies of its first multiplatform outing, Stranglehold, which hit PC and Xbox 360 in September and will arrive on PS3 this quarter. The Unreal Engine 3-utilizing cross-platform toolset the company developed for Stranglehold gives the company's internal studios a "solid foundation" going forward, the CEO said.

Based on this, the company expects to ship all its 2008 multiplatform titles simultaneously, even on PS3. Zucker said the split release dates for BlackSite--arriving first on Xbox 360 and PC and later on PS3--are part of the reason the company lowered its sales estimates to $170 million, down from $225 million, for the current fiscal year.

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