XBLA Ikaruga to have Online Co-Op, Treasure Working on Wii Title, Other Tidbits

Famed developer Treasure plans to implement online co-op play in the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade port of its vertically-scrolling shooter Ikaruga, studio president Masata Maegawa told 1up. The inclusion on worldwide rankings and movie-sharing tools should also increase gamers' seething yearning for the former Dreamcast and GameCube title, though videos won't be able to demonstrate when gamers are actually using two Xbox 360 controllers to pilot both ships at the same time.

Maegawa also revealed Treasure's "action" team--responsible for the Genesis run-and-gun Gunstar Heroes and the Saturn's fantasy-oriented Guardian Heroes--is working on an original title for the Wii. Recent Treasure titles like Astro Boy: Omega Factor and Guardian Heroes Advance show the studio can still "bring it" regarding beat-em-ups, as Shacknews can attest.

Because of the studios' work on the XBLA Ikaruga port, development of a previously mentioned pseudo-sequel to the title for Xbox 360 has been slowed considerably. The studio is discussing bringing more Treasure titles to Xbox Live Marketplace in the future, with cult-favorite Saturn and arcade shooter Radiant Silvergun an eventual possibility. However, Maegawa was quick to point out that an XBLA rendition of Ikaruga's predecessor would require significant work to modernize with high-resolution graphics.

As for the recently announced DS version of Bangai-O, Maegawa not only noted that the portable edition of Treasure's freznied multi-directional shooter will make its playable debut at this week's Tokyo Game Show, but that it will feature a substantial amount of new content over the previous N64 and Dreamcast iterations.

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    September 18, 2007 12:35 PM

    I want Radiant Silvergun on XBLA

    and Ikaruga and Radiant Silvergun on DS kthx

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