BioShock PC Demo Coming Monday August 20th

2K Games has confirmed that the PC demo of Irrational's 2K Boston and Australia's BioShock will be released for download Monday evening around 7pm EST. The company was sure to note that new ATI and Nvidia video card drivers will be released the same day, and should be installed for best performance.

The BioShock demo will be of an impressive 1.84GB in girth that you will be able to eagerly gulp down at FileShack. The demo will also be available on the new FileShack Quicksilver system for Mercury members with support for download accelerators with multiple connections.

In a following update on the company's Cult of Rapture website, BioShock creative lead Ken Levine warned users away from potentially spoiler-filled forum posts and implored users not to post spoilers themselves.

"Please don't ruin other people's experience by revealing secrets in unmarked threads, and if you want to enjoy the game to its fullest, stay away from any threads that might ruin the fun for you," wrote Levine. "With a game like BioShock, it will really make a difference.

Look for a new Shacknews interview with Levine in the coming days.

From The Chatty
  • reply
    August 19, 2007 3:48 PM

    You can now pre-load the demo at fileplanet. I don't understand why they just don't release the thing if it is already done.

    • reply
      August 19, 2007 3:52 PM

      Subscribers only. Lol!

    • reply
      August 19, 2007 3:53 PM

      Might have something to do with the new drivers?

      • reply
        August 19, 2007 4:22 PM

        Have you seen anything describing differences between the DX10 and DX9.0c versions of the game?

        • reply
          August 19, 2007 4:50 PM

          The differences between DX10 and DX9 in Bioshock?
          "PCGH: Windows Vista comes with the new DiectX 10 API. Will your engine support shader model 4 and will you use advanced features of that shader model like Geometry Shader or Virtual Texture Management?

          Irrational Games: We are supporting a number of new features for DX10. Most significantly, DX10 will allow any physical object that comes in contact with a body of water to produce interactive waves that will perturb the surface of the water itself, distorting its refraction and reflection, and blending seamlessly with the simulations already running on the surface. AIs moving in water will leave behind rippling, foaming trails. Bullets and objects that hit water will produce radial ripples. In DX10, for fire and some other effects, we'll be using soft particles which means that the fire particles will no longer "clip" or be cut off by hard surfaces that they intersect with. And finally, under DX10, shadows will be crisper and more precisely match the features of the objects they are cast from. If there is no Direct3D 10 support yet, will it be integrated later on? Have you already made experience with the new API? See above."

          • reply
            August 19, 2007 4:53 PM

            *sigh* I'm going to have to kick my Vista install into satisfactory functionality tonight, aren't I?

            • reply
              August 19, 2007 5:42 PM

              Looks like I'll be upgrading to is as well. :/

              • reply
                August 19, 2007 6:28 PM

                Do what I did, set up a dual boot, and use Vista just for these DX10 games until XP gets unofficial DX10 support in.

                • reply
                  August 19, 2007 8:01 PM

                  That's what I have, I just haven't touched my Vista partition since shortly after I installed it. I got annoyed at how much effort it was taking to navigate the new control panel and get things set the way I wanted, so I decided to ignore it until I had a good reason (i.e., DX10 games) to use it.

                  • reply
                    August 19, 2007 8:11 PM

                    I'm in the exact same boat. I don't have the patience to put up with the abysmal GUI that is Vista. I just can't stand the look, or how everything is laid out.

                • reply
                  August 20, 2007 7:04 AM

                  That's never going to happen from what I've read. They might be able to make "DX10" wrappers which provide all the features a few particular games need (much like the original GLQuake wrappers provided just the subset of OpenGL that Quake needed) but some things require OS-level changes.

                  I agree that Vista's control panels are a bit of a mess but, really, you just go through them all in order and set things up as you want and then you forget about them on the whole, the same as every other version of Windows. I hope MS tidy things up there, both in terms of UI consistency (some control panels are still Win95-style separate dialogs while others run inside of the Explorer window) and in terms of layout/organisation (and just the sheer number of different control panels now) but it's not so bad that it makes Vista offputting and certainly not so bad that it makes it worth the hassle of dual-booting, IMO.

          • reply
            August 20, 2007 6:51 AM

            Does the XBox version have all those fancy DX10 effects? If so, I think most PC owners are going to feel cheated.

            • reply
              August 20, 2007 7:02 AM

              It doesn't as far as I can tell from the demo.

    • reply
      August 19, 2007 3:57 PM

      Personally I've avoided reading any reviews or viewing any recently released screenshots. I want everything to be a surprise!

      • reply
        August 19, 2007 4:07 PM

        I wish I had the fortitude for this. But I couldn't resist the demo.

        • reply
          August 19, 2007 4:46 PM

          well the demo is supposedly different from the game

          • reply
            August 19, 2007 4:48 PM

            It is identical other than the placement of the second plasmid and maybe a weapon. Nothing regarding story or layout is different.

    • reply
      August 19, 2007 5:04 PM

      the "pre-load" and "reserve" is bullshit IMO. You have to leave that memory sucking proprietary download manager /spyware on for as long as it takes to come out. If you shut it off you go back to the end of the line.

      and some wonder why so many people are hostile towards Fileplanet/Gamespy?......christ

      • reply
        August 19, 2007 6:04 PM

        Yeah. Mine is using a whopping 4MB of RAM while downloading the demo! Also, it doesn't have spyware, and you CAN shut it off once your pre-load is complete. You just have to load it back up to unlock the demo tomorrow.

      • reply
        August 19, 2007 9:13 PM

        I've never installed their download manager and I grab stuff off FP all the time.

        When it comes up and says you need to install it, you just click "cancel" and proceed to downloading whatever it is you're downloading.

        Why is it you're so hostile towards Fileplanet/Gamespy?

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