Boxed Up Briefs: Zelda DS Dated

Today was my first day on the job here at Shacknews. Thanks to my colleagues, it went extremely well. My wounds are already healing up nicely from the welcoming beating I received.

Really though, I'm honored to be a part of the Shack team as well as the Shack community. The comments here are leagues better than those on most gaming sites. And now, here are your briefs.

Today we learn about Link's debut on the Nintendo DS, mysterious Twisted Metal action, a turnaround for Fatal Inertia, Sega's creative minds, and Atari answering everyone's childhood dreams for a pony.

  • Phantom Hourglass dated


    The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (DS) will appear on shelves October 1, Nintendo announced today. The purely stylus-controlled adventure (screenshot gallery) will yield a bonus for My Nintendo members who register the game and their Nintendo DS consoles: a stylus shaped like a quill pen item from the game.

  • Jaffe plans Twisted Metal documentary

    [ps2] [psp]

    Game-maker David Jaffe (God of War) revealed today that he will be participating in a documentary on his car combat series, Twisted Metal. Jaffe said he can't reveal the documentary's purpose, but wants to know if fans of the series have issues they would like him to address.

  • Fatal Inertia dated for Xbox 360, delayed on PS3


    Koei Canada's Fatal Inertia (X360) will crash into retail stores September 11, but only on Xbox 360. Originally announced as a PlayStation 3 exclusive, the title has been "delayed indefinitely" on Sony's system due to complications with Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3, according to reports.

  • Atari shows horses some love

    Atari announced a partnership with the International Equestrian Federation today in bringing horse-themed games to consoles. Unannounced titles will arrive on multiple platforms this fall.

  • Sega's GameWorks still exists, publicists love puns

    A press release updating members of the media on the goings-on at Sega's GameWorks restaurants revealed many cleverly named multi-sauce initiatives on the company's part. With buzz words like "Ctrl Alt Eat" and "Sauce It To Me," who can resist (making fun of them)?

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