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PlayStation 3 vs. Game Boy Advance: The Grudge Match Returns. Plus, Pokemon destroys all.

PlayStation 3 vs. Game Boy Advance: The Grudge Match Returns.
  • Midnight Club strikes again

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    Midnight Club series developer Rockstar San Diego will be revisiting its street racing franchise and bringing it to current-generation consoles. Publisher Rockstar Games today announced Midnight Club: Los Angeles, the fourth game to bear the series' name. No specific details were included in today's announcement beyond the game's target platforms of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

    "On prior consoles, the Midnight Club franchise continually raised the bar for racing games, evolving from being the first ever street racing game to setting the defining standard for credibly integrating street racing culture with an intense racing experience," said producer Jay Panek. "With Midnight Club: Los Angeles, our goal is to evolve on all possible levels and stay true to the hardcore gaming experience the series is known for, while making it accessible to casual gamers and car enthusiasts."

    Midnight Club: Los Angeles will not mark Rockstar San Diego's first outing in the current generation. Last year, the studio shipped Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis for Xbox 360. Rockstar Games expects to release Midnight Club: Los Angeles for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 early next year.

  • Modified Xbox 360s blocked from Xbox Live


    Microsoft has announced via the Gamerscore Blog run by several of its marketing employees that it has begun restricting Xbox Live access to consoles which have been physically modified against the system's terms of use. Users whose machines are detected to have been modified will receive an error of status code "Z: 8015 - 190D" along with an explanatory message.

    "This console has been banned for violations of the Terms of Use," the message reads. "To protect the Xbox Live service and its members, Microsoft does not provide details about console bans. There is no recourse for Terms of Use violations."

    Significantly, the ban applies not to Xbox Live accounts but to specific physical console units. Owners of banned consoles will still be able to retain their Xbox Live accounts and use them on other machines.

  • Nintendo leads hardware, software charts in US

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    The latest United States industry sales data furnished by tracking group NPD Funworld shows Nintendo again taking the top two hardware slots during the month of April, with the release of strong first-party software grabbing the top four software slots as well.

    Hanging onto last month's positioning, Nintendo DS took a commanding lead with 471,000 units, followed by Wii with 360,000. Perennial seller PlayStation 2 grabbed 194,000 sales, followed by PSP with 183,000 and Xbox 360 with 174,000. With its 84,000 sales, Game Boy Advance manage to edge out PlayStation 3's 82,000.

    On the whole, hardware sales saw an impressive year over year increase of 52% to $338.4 million.

    1. Nintendo DS (471,000)
    2. Wii (360,000)
    3. PlayStation 2 (194,000)
    4. PlayStation Portable (183,000)
    5. Xbox 360 (175,000)
    6. Game Boy Advance (84,000)
    7. PlayStation 3 (82,000)
    8. GameCube (13,000)

    On the software side, Game Freak's two latest Pokemon releases, Diamond and Pearl, took the top two salse slots with combined sales of nearly 1.8 million units, a particularly impressive feat given how late in the months the titles launched. Diamond and Pearl's debut marks the highest first-month sales for any new Pokemon game or pair of games in the series' history. Intelligent Systems' Wii platformer/RPG and Nintendo's mini-game-centric Wii Play came in at #3 and #4. Both Harmonix's Guitar Hero II and Treyarch's Spider-Man 3 made the list in their Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2 incarnations. Two first-party PlayStation 2 titles rounded out the list, as SCE Studios Santa Monica's God of War II and SCE Studios San Diego's MLB 07 The Show took #9 and #10.

    1. Pokemon Diamond (Game Freak, NDS) (1.045 million)
    2. Pokemon Pearl (Game Freak, NDS) (712,000)
    3. Super Paper Mario (Intelligent Systems, Wii) (352,000)
    4. Wii Play (Nintendo, Wii) (294,000)
    5. Guitar Hero II (Harmonix, X360) (197,000)
    6. Guitar Hero II (Harmonix, PS2) (142,000)
    7. Spider-Man 3: The Game (Treyarch, X360) (117,000)
    8. Spider-Man 3: The Game (Treyarch, PS2) (105,000)
    9. God of War II (SCE Studios Santa Monica, PS2) (101,000)
    10. MLB 07 The Show (SCE Studios San Diego, PS2) (79,000)

  • Sony again inadvertently promotes PGR3

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    Earlier this year, Sony Computer Entertainment America used a screenshot from Bizarre Creations' Xbox 360-exclusive Project Gotham Racing 3 in order to promote its Connect download service. Apparently, somebody at Sony marketing confused the game with Sony's own Gran Turismo HD. Now, bafflingly, the exact same mistake has occurred again. Earlier today, a few sites noticed that a Spanish cross-promotion between Sony and auto manufacturer Kia shows a screenshot from Project Gotham Racing 3 being displayed on a widescreen television next to a PlayStation 3 unit. After the news had circulated, the image was swapped for one drawn from Gran Turismo HD, but TeamXbox managed to snag a capture, which it compares to the original screenshot.

Console Game Of The Evening [Submit Yours!]

Guitar Hero for the PlayStation 2. "It taught us how to rock, it showed us how to love.....Guitar Hero showed me I could rock and other times make me cry as I try Cowboys from Hell for the 1000th time.," (submitted by soggybagel)

From The Chatty
  • reply
    May 17, 2007 9:37 PM

    I didn't realise the Wii was outselling the PS2. That's pretty impressive. Now I just need to know what games they're playing.

    • reply
      May 17, 2007 9:40 PM

      super paper mario and wii play?

    • reply
      May 17, 2007 9:41 PM

      Wii Sports is probably a massive sales driver.

      • reply
        May 17, 2007 9:43 PM

        Yeah that's what I figured. I just wonder how many of the "new" gamers Nintendo are raking in are going to pick up a Wii with Wii Play and never buy another game. It's a good thing Nintendo sell their hardware at a profit I guess :P

        • reply
          May 17, 2007 9:49 PM

          I am curious about this as well. Nintendo's stated strategy is to get the machine into households in general, then try and provide different software for all members of the family (or encourage third parties to provide it); we'll see if that works.

        • reply
          May 17, 2007 10:14 PM

          PS3 really took a beating in April.

          I'm interested in predictions as to when the 360 will start outselling the PS2, and what the exact ramifications of it not really dethroning the PS2 18 months after launch.

          • reply
            May 17, 2007 10:15 PM

            Blah meant to start a new thread oh well.

          • reply
            May 17, 2007 10:18 PM

            360 will be really interesting to follow. I think it will continue to have very strong support, but at this point I don't see it ever becoming the juggernaut that the PS2 was (and still is). That's not a bad thing--I'd rather have a more evenly distributed landscape--but it is going to be a challenge for Microsoft since their adoption rate across the different territories isn't nearly as consistent as PS2's is.

            • reply
              May 17, 2007 10:28 PM

              I think you're right, especially about the somewhat "lopsided" success of the 360. Though it looks like the Wii is on the way to be the #1 console, it is hard to classify it as a true current gen console since it is, by its own admission, trying to play in a different arena.

              Unfortunately for Microsoft, what seems to have happened is that Nintendo basically jumped in front of Microsoft in line at the bank. Typically now or this year would be a time for Microsoft to cut the price of their console and spur sales. Instead Nintendo rolled in with a cheaper console with a small bump in graphics and an extremely interesting controller and captured everyones attention. I think now Microsoft is in a difficult position, but are getting a lot of help from Sony pricing the PS3 at an extreme premium.

              Two years from now when HDTV penetration is higher I predict the Wii enjoying something to the tune of 50 million sold to consumers, and thats when the current gen wars between the PS3 and 360 are going to really get really interesting.

              • reply
                May 18, 2007 6:22 AM


                • reply
                  May 18, 2007 8:12 AM

                  They just finally got the hardware profitable and have told investors their Entertainment unit will turn a profit. They are in the same boat as Sony as far as price cuts go. They need one, but it will cost them. Halo 3 will help, but if you look at the current sell-through rate of the 360 you'll see it eerily matches that of the original XBOX. A lot of people have already bought their 360 to play Halo 3.

    • reply
      May 17, 2007 9:43 PM

      Yeah.. the slump continues. Good games will inevitably get here, but for a system has "hot" as this, it's a damn shame there aren't more good games to play.

      I'm even giving up on the whole virtual console stuff. It's time for some new games or for them to lower their prices. All I really want is Super Metroid. I'd buy the Prince of Persia remake if I had a 360.

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