American McGee Reveals American McGee's Grimm, by American McGee

Game designer American McGee (pictured left) has revealed via his blog,, that American McGee's development studio Spicy Horse is currently developing American McGee's next "twisted fairy tale," American McGee's Grimm. Planned for distribution by the subscription-based GameTap gaming service, American McGee's Grimm will be a series of action/adventure episodes comprised of no fewer than 24 installments. American McGee's Grimm will be "a spiritual sequel of sorts" to the first game to bear the American McGee name, American McGee's Alice. Slated to head up writing and serve as executive producer on the project is R.J. Berg, reprising his development roles from American McGee's Alice. "I'm really happy to be once again working on twisted fairy tales," wrote McGee, "and I'm especially excited about having R.J. Berg involved with the project."

After the release of American McGee's Alice, American McGee served as an executive producer on Mercury Steam's American McGee Presents Scrapland, and as creative director on Enlight Software and The Mauretania Import Export Company's American McGee Presents Bad Day L.A.

McGee recently founded Shanghai-based Spicy Horse, where he holds the title of creative director. The American designer has the same position at Vykarian, a video game art outsourcing firm he founded last year, also located in Shanghai. Both Spicy Horse and Vykarian have open positions listed on their official sites.

GameTap is currently seeing success in the episodic format with Telltale Games' episodic series of Sam & Max adventure games, which recently wrapped up its first season of six installments. This February, GameTap announced a deal with designer Derek Smart to release a series of episodic space shooters.

According to American McGee, American McGee's Grimm is set to begin releasing in the first half of 2008. More details on the game are available in a preview published in the July issue of PC Gamer.

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