Shiny Collected by Foundation 9

Independent development group Foundation 9 Entertainment announced today that it has purchased veteran studio Shiny Entertainment from prior owner Atari. Shiny was founded by well known industry figure David Perry in 1993 and developed the Earthworm Jim franchise as well as MDK and the two recent The Matrix game adaptations. Foundation 9 has become the world's largest independent game developer, with its collection of worldwide studios including Backbone, The Collective, Digital Eclipse, and several others. The Collective, responsible for games such as Marc Ecko's Getting Up and Wrath Unleashed, will be colocating with Shiny next year. Shiny's current staff and identity will be kept intact, while Atari will retain the company's game assets and IP.

Founder Perry left Shiny earlier this year after Atari announced its intention to sell the studio to an as yet undetermined party. His originally stated goal was to help find an appropriate buyer, though as recently as last month he stated that he no longer plans to return to the company. "Shiny was a chapter in my career that has now closed," said Perry in a Gamasutra interview.

"The studio has tremendous talent and experience working with big Hollywood franchises and will be working with us on a major, as-yet-undisclosed day and date release. The Shiny team will only add to our capabilities and technology base," said Foundation 9 chairman and CEO Jon Goldman. No details were given in regards to the game in question beyond the indication that it is a movie adaptation of some kind.

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    October 2, 2006 1:55 PM

    To quote Tycho:
    I would sooner acquire crabs.

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      October 3, 2006 1:16 AM

      They've got more flak than they deserved, they are not a bad design studio by any stretch, however flawed both their matrix games were I enjoyed them enough to still respect Shiny.

      It's a good buy and nice to see Foundation 9 continue with their growth and success without being either publisher owned or funded like bioware/pandemic are.

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