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Sounds like pretty much everyone had an amazing time at the midnight showings of Snakes on a Plane, which is good to see after close to like a year of hype. Unfortunately there's nowhere near the amount of buzz here, so I'll never get to experience it like the US moviegoing public does this weekend.

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    August 18, 2006 6:05 AM

    Macbook menz:

    SMC Update kills the mooing/lowers temps:

    I haven't applied it yet but I will be at lunchtime.

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      August 18, 2006 6:53 AM

      I've never had the "moo", although I did hear it once yesterday morning, just before my Macbook decided it needed to cut power. It did this a couple times, and I eventually got it running OK by resetting the PMU. (Turn off, remove battery, hold power button for 5 secs)

      Worked great through the workday and at home last night. Put it to sleep and this morning it does the same shutdown thing. Best as I can tell, it's something to do with the battery, since it doesn't *start* doing this when it's on AC (although once it's started, AC/battery doesn't seem to matter).

      Applied the SMC update this morning, reset the PMU, zapped PRAM...still died. =(

      Reseated the memory, and it seems OK now (been up for about 45 minutes without dying). Hopefully that's all it was. It's worked like a champ since late May without any of the issues folks have been having.

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        August 18, 2006 6:58 AM

        wth? is this common, was thinking about picking up a macbook

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        August 18, 2006 7:00 AM

        Funky. I've been hearing about the random shutdowns but I haven't gotten any of that yet (I bought mine on the Tuesday it was released). Thank goodness, I'd go bonkers if I got the random shutdowns.

        I hear the only way to fix it is a logic board replacement. I would go to the apple store to see what they have to say :(

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          August 18, 2006 7:08 AM

          Yeah, that's the next step if this doesn't clear up. Just have to find my original ram, and swap my HDD back to the original one before I hand it over, so they don't give me the "third party ram" bullshit.

          For those asking if this is common, it's been a widely reported issue, but I'm not sure of how widespread it actually is (folks with problems tend to be a lot more vocal than those without).

          This Macbook has been *perfect* until yesterday morning. No moo, no shutdowns, basically a rock solid machine. (And with 2GB ram it's damn speedy)

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        August 18, 2006 7:02 AM

        Jesus that sounds like a boatload of suck. Is this common?

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        August 18, 2006 9:46 AM

        Hey, try reinstalling the OS ... I know it's weird, but it solved my random shutdowns.

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          August 18, 2006 9:50 AM

          Well, if I replace the original drive, that'll get formatted/reinstalled before it goes to the Apple store. Should be pretty apparent whether or not that fixes things.

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